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You are an adventurer. You go places and do things. When you are in the field, whether urban jungle or rugged wilderness, you need trustworthy equipment that you can rely on when you need it most. You can’t be weighed down by bulky, poorly designed gadgets, so the essential gear you carry must be high quality, easy to use, and dependable!

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We are a family in the business of equipping resilient adventurers with durable, well-designed, and proudly USA-made gear. With Tuff Possum Gear, you are set to climb the heights of Machu Picchu, walk down the streets of New York City, or just enjoy an afternoon out in the woods! Shop our selection of packs, pouches, adventure gear, and accessories to level up your experience in the great outdoors!

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Emergency Trauma/First Aid

Emergency Trauma/First Aid

POSTED ON JULY 13, 2022 BY JAYBERRY MILLER Hey Gang, taking a look at one of my favorite topics to get folks hooked…

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