Modified Style 10×12 Possibles Pouch

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Originally designed to piggyback onto the Hill People Gear Tarahumara pack, but also fits on the HPG Connor and Umlindi V2 as well as the Mystery Ranch 3DAP, Scree, ASAP, and Spartan.

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The Modified Style 10”x12” Possibles Pouch was originally designed to act as a piggyback pouch to add a bit of extra capacity and organization to the Hill People Gear Tarahumara pack. We know it also fits on the HPG Connor and Umlindi V2 as well as the Mystery Ranch 3DAP, Scree, ASAP, and Spartan. Does not fit the MR Sweet Pea without additional shock cord lacing for compression purposes.


  • 10″ wide by 12″ long
  • Durable 500d CORDURA© Brand nylon.
  • High-quality YKK zipper (Made in the USA)
  • Webbing loops and ITW GrimLoc’s
  • Weight: 3oz


Weight N/A

Black, Coyote Brown, Foliage Green, Manatee Gray, MultiCam, MultiCam Black, Ranger Green, Safety Orange, Tigerstripe Camo, Woodland Camo

23 reviews for Modified Style 10×12 Possibles Pouch

  1. Anthony Peric

    Top shelf all the way! Quality and build is superb!

  2. Tim R

    This works great on this backpack. Great modification to the item.

  3. Matthew

    Solid gear. American made and extremely durable.

  4. aaronueland

    I have a couple of these, for a couple different colors of Tara pack. They are an awesome upgrade to the Tarahumara — and likely for any other pack with similar attachment points.

    This TuffPossum stuff is great gear.

  5. Charles Carnahan

    Great Gear!! Thanks!!

  6. Tommy Matturro

    Perfectly built, smooth zippers and very convenient. I’ve been attaching this pouch to the outside of my Kifaru 14r for overloads. Fits perfectly on the pack.

  7. Steve

    Absolutely awesome product!
    Excellent quality. Will go great on my HPG pack!

  8. loganclong

    Great product! Excellent quality.

  9. blparker70

    Very well made top-notch pouch and fast shipping.

  10. FearLurker

    A good way to use it is to add a slik clip to the bottom loop to anchor it better using your back pack’s y strap.

  11. Greg Chapman

    This is my first product from Tuff Possum and it will not be my last. I love the construction and design of this bag. It’s currently on my HPG Tara but I will be using it in other functions as well.

  12. Seth Chad Adams Ritter

    I just recently made my first purchases from Tuffpossum Gear, they won’t be my last, very nice quality and construction. I have added my 10×12 possibles pouch to my Helikon Tex Fox Trot MK 2, it fits perfectly with the D Clips they provided.. and it holds a bunch of stuff.. thanks y’all and keep up the good work.. (Seth Adams Bushcraft)

  13. David Thaxton

    Not sure how I came across TPG but glad I did. The 10×12 possibles pouch pairs perfectly (say that fast 3 times?)with my Hill People Gear Tarahumara EDC bag. Quality paired with quality… WIN!

  14. Tim R

    Another HPG Tarahumara user. I have this item in ranger green, but wanted it in orange for hunting season. Should be budgeted for if you own a Tara.

  15. Instasomo

    I love this pouch. It fits perfectly on the inside or outside of my HPG Umlindi. The construction and craftsmanship is absolutely perfect. I always get the orange.

  16. Brian

    I use this on my Tara. It lets me separate my frequently grabbed items.
    I love this.
    Built very well!

  17. Gavin DeMersseman

    Like all the Tuff Possum Gear I’ve picked up over the years the Modified 10×12 is well made. And riding nicely on my Aston House.

  18. Nathan

    Point of Use
    I’m hanging this pouch off of a Hill People Gear Tarahumara backpack and love the small addition of space. Quick grab items are at the ready in the Tuff Possum Pouch while less used items hang back in the Tarahumara pack. Simply flip the Tuff Pouch over to access the Tara. Quickly remove the Tuff Pouch if you want to go lighter or need it elsewhere.

    Adding a couple inches to the length of the pouch would make this pouch perfect. 10 x 14 As the bottom of the pouch sometimes hikes above the bottom Tara compression strap when fully loaded out.

    I’ve added a paracord tie to the zipper and a carabiner at the bottom pull tab of the pouch to connect at the bottom of the Tara to keep it from hiking up over the strap and for some added stability

    Bottom Line
    A great addition to any pack that can accept it.

  19. Tim Finley

    I bought this about a week after I got my HPG Tara pack. I plan on using it for my food so I don’t have to factor the bulk of that in what I pack inside the Tara. Anyway, it’s a great piece of gear. HPG should have a link on their Tarahumara page to this. If you have one of those packs you may as well get one of these. The construction is bomber and attention to detail is top shelf.

  20. Robert

    Why are there no you tube videos about this great piece of add on gear? I have one on my Tara pack also. I do not post videos but wish I did. Everybody who see’s it ask me about it. Thanks TPG you guys rock!

  21. McIver

    Awesome piece of gear. Big enough for anything you’d want to keep in a possibles pouch. And it makes it easy to switch it from one pack to another. Well made looks like it’ll last a long time.

  22. Brian

    It’s a great, exterior or interior possibles pouch. The included Grimlocs make swapping the gear around easily and can be readily hung from ridgelines and other locations.

    I believe the craftsmanship will lead to many years of quality use. The pouch retains its shape well.

    One couple probably craft a pouch of similar dimensions as this 10×12 with inward folded pleats to allow the size of the bag to expansion.

  23. Robert Hoffman

    Perfect addition for my Tarahumara.
    I purchased it in blaze orange to use during hunting season. Great product

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