PSK Pouch Loadout (with links)

Over a year ago, we developed the PSK Pouch (or Personal Survival kit Pouch) in collaboration with helicopter paramedic and YouTuber, PrepMedic. His work requires a Personal Survival Kit to be carried on his person and this one in particular goes in his flight suit leg pocket. You can see his run down on exactly what we loaded his up with here:

Recently, we have had an ever increasing number of requests for these PSK Pouches to be available loaded out. While that isn’t feasible at the moment, we have decided to put together a list of all the components we put in his, complete with links.

The links below are affiliate links. The little bit of kickback we get from your purchases through these go into the steak fund, keeping The Possum fueled on red meat. 

(Click on each bolded item name below to take you to the respective listing)

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