Restraint Escape Necklace


Be prepared to escape illegal restraints with the Tuff Possum Gear Escape Necklace. The expanding Kevlar friction saw cuts through rope, zipties, flex cuffs, and duct tape with ease. The discrete handcuff key bead opens many common handcuffs. The canvas micarta cross pendant helps boost morale, helps with using the friction saw, and provides an “alibi” to help captors from taking a closer look at the necklace. The necklace also features a break-away split ring for safety.

For sale/shipping within the USA only.

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We believe in being prepared for emergencies and sadly one that happens all the time, around the world, is kidnappings. These involve restraints ranging from zipties and duct tape to handcuffs and flex cuffs or even rope. Escape and evasion skills are valuable to train with and have in our tool box. The Restraint Escape Necklace is designed to get you out of all of those restraints with a kevlar friction saw and discrete handcuff key bead.

The Escape Necklace has a break away split ring for easy access when bound up and as a safety in case the necklace is snagged on the environment while you are wearing it. Two replacement break-away rings are included, taped to the back of the paper envelope. Save these!

The Kevlar friction saw part of the Escape Necklace is made with a sturdy kevlar cord that will cut through a LOT of restraints before wearing out and is tied in an innovative knot system developed by our friends at Program J. This system allows you to easily convert the necklace into a friction saw without accidentally cinching the loops down to nothing. After the kevlar friction saw is deployed and passed over the restraint, each loop is passed over a foot and the restraint is cut by making a back and forth “bicycle pedaling” motion with your feet while applying tension on the saw cord.

The centerpiece of the Escape Necklace is a canvas micarta pendant, made for us by our friends at Sagewood Gear. The 1.5″ x 1″ cross provides that morale boost and personal reminder that is so necessary in a nightmare of a situation, while also providing a bit of a weight for easier use of the friction saw. The pendant can be flipped up over the zipties, flex cuffs, tape, or rope binding your  hands, which helps when you are bound and have reduced finger dexterity.

Right next to the cross pendant is a small, discrete handcuff key bead. Developed to work on both standard handcuffs and handcuffs with additional security features. Only a little pressure is required to unlock and open handcuffs with a key. Never force a key to turn. If it is not turning, try adjusting the angle back and forth. Some cuffs such as new Peerless cuffs may have extra strong springs that may require you to use something like a safety pin for extra leverage.

Proudly Made in The USA. For sale and shipping within the USA ONLY.

Weight .4 oz

Black Cross, Brown Cross