FirstSpear Friday Focus features on the Soldier Systems blog…

If you aren’t already aware, we have partnered with a company called FirstSpear, to produce many of our sewn goods products in their factory in Fenton, Missouri. This allows us to take advantage of their production capabilities in terms of both technology (laser cutting is pretty rad!) and workforce, making bigger and better products than we would be able to do otherwise this early in this grand adventure.

We had the pleasure to do a bit of a Q&A recently for a feature on the Soldier-Systems blog:
FirstSpear Friday Focus: OEM Spotlight Tuff Possum Gear

In case you care to read the one we did last year as well:
FirstSpear Friday Focus – OEM Partner Series, Tuff Possum Gear

Keep your powder dry and your head on a swivel.
See ya around the campfire,

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